Frequently Asked Questions


Value-Added Tax

Tax and Customs

Where do you ship to?


How long will a PCM cooling vest keep me cool?

I'm ordering for an EU business, Can I order without VAT?

Phase Change Material (PCM)

Will you have the 6-cell PCM packs in stock again?

EZcooldown PCM is bio-based and biologically degradable. Does that mean the PCM inserts will degrade after a while?

Can I take PCM inserts with me on an airplane?

My PCM inserts feel a bit greasy, so I think they’re leaking. But I can’t find a leak. What’s going on?

I lost or damaged one of my PCM inserts. Do I need to buy a complete new set?

Can I order a Performers vest with only two PCM inserts?

Can I order a Performers vest with different temperature PCM inserts on my chest and back?

What is the best way to activate the PCM inserts?

How do I store PCM inserts?

Can a PCM insert burst?

Other FAQs

What makes the EZcooldown Performers vest so special for costume performers compared to industrial/military cooling vests?

Will the vest’s shape be visible under a costume?

Why are the evaporation vests not suitable for costume performers?

How do I wash a cooling vest?

The Velcro straps on my Performers vest are too long. Does it mean my vest is too large?