Bodycool Xtreme super evaporative cooling vest

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Bodycool Xtreme super evaporative cooling vest

The Bodycool Xtreme cooling vest is a super-evaporative cooling vest which fits snugly around the the upper body. Activation is quick and simple! Just submerging the vest in water for one minute can provide instant refreshing cooling for up to four hours.

The advanced PVA fabric panels allow the Bodycool Extreme vest to maximise the evaporation of the absorbed water without dripping or discomfort. Once activated; the PVA fabric will remain hydrated for one to four hours, cooling your body by up to 15°C preserving the optimal body temperature. The Bodycool Extreme vest can be temporarily stored damp inside its special storage tube for later use. For longer storage it should be hung to dry. The Bodycool Extreme vest will become stiff when completely dry, this is normal.

How to activate your Bodycool Xtreme cooling vest:

  1. Soak for one minute in clean water
  2. Gently squeeze out the excess water
  3. Enjoy immediate and refreshing cooling!

Washing your Bodycool Xtreme vest can be done by machine or hand with a mild detergent. Do not tumble dry the vest. Hang to dry in an open area.

About Super Evaporation Technology

To activate the BodyCool Xtreme vest, simply soak in tap water for two minutes and then gently squeeze out any excess water. Your vest is now ready to wear!
The super evaporative PVA panels allow water to evaporate much faster compared to our H2O evaporative vests. As a result the amount of cooling increases while the effective cooling time decreases.
It instantly creates evaporative cooling for up to 4 hours, depending on the ambient temperature, humidity, and airflow. The cooling works by means of an evaporation process of the available water in the vest. This water is released through evaporation, consuming energy and creating a cooling effect. The BodyCool Xtreme vest cools your body exactly the same way as your body cools itself - through evaporation.
We simply supercharge this natural cooling process.

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