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Our Hybrid Cooling vest combines the best of two cooling technologies: PCM cooling and Evaporation. This makes the Hybrid vest the most versatile cooling vest under all circumstances.
You can use it as a PCM cooling vest by activating the PCM inserts in a fridge or freezer. Alternatively you can soak the vest in water, squeeze out the exces water and use it as a light and easy to wear evaporation vest. For the ultimate cooling, simply combine both PCM and water evaporation.

How does it work?

  • Evaporation

    Soak the vest (without the inserts) in tap water for 2 minutes, gently squeeze out any excess water and your vest is ready to wear. Instantly creating evaporative cooling for up to 8 hours, depending on the ambient temperature, humidity and airflow. The cooling is based on an evaporation process of the available water in the vest.
    This water is released through evaporation, energy is consumed and a chill effect is created. The Hybrid vest cools your body exactly the same way as your body cools itself… through evaporation. We simply supercharge this natural cooling process.
    Keep in mind that when using the Hybrid vest’s evaporation function, some airflow and a low/average humidity is required. It’s also recommended not to wear thick clothing over the vest.

  • PCM Cooling

    Each vest comes with 4 PCM inserts.
    These contain biological Phase Change Material (PCM) which is able to store cold. The PCM inserts can be quickly activated in your fridge, freezer or in ice water and can be re-used over and over again. Once activated, the PCM slowly cools at a constant low temperature, providing comfortable cooling relief.
    When using the vest’s PCM function, you don’t need airflow. PCM cooling works under thick clothing and in high humid environments.

Phase Change Material (PCM) Cooling Packs

Choosing a PCM Temperature 

When you need maximum cooling for a short amount of time, choose the blue 15°C (59°F) PCM packs. 
When you prefer longevity over absolute cooling ability, go for the yellow 21°C (70°F) PCM packs. 
Next to these standard temperatures, we manufacture PCM inserts in other temperatures on request, ranging from 6.5°C (43°F) to 29°C (84°F). Please contact us for details.

Choosing a PCM Configuration

As well as different temperatures, we offer PCM packs in two different configurations: 
The 8-cell packs are thin and flexible. They’ll move with you but offer less cooling longevity compared to the 4-cell packs.

The 4-cell inserts contain approximately 35% more PCM so they’ll keep you cool for longer. 
They’re a bit thicker than you 8-cell packs

About our PCM Cooling Packs

Our inserts use a revolutionary and unique bio-based phase change technology to keep you comfortably cool. Our PCM inserts can be worn directly on the skin without risking frostbite, tissue damage or discomfort.

Our PCM inserts work as the ambient temperature rises, the PCM starts to melt. During the phase transition, the PCM stores energy as latent heat, maintaining a constant temperature until the PCM is completely melted. When the ambient temperature lowers, the PCM will begin to crystallise. As this crystallisation happens the PCM releases the stored latent heat, maintaining a constant temperature until all released

The PCM inserts can be quickly activated in your refrigerator or freezer. 
It’s best to not stack the inserts as it will extend their activation time. 
The inserts can also be activated in ice water

Our revolutionary PCM is made from bio materials of vegetable origin and USDA certified. Our bio PCM is non-toxic, low-flammable, durable, reuseable, 20% lighter than water and does not produce condensation.

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Sizing chart for Bodycool Hybrid Cooling Vests

(A) Chest Size 80-84cm 88-92cm 96-100cm 104-108cm 112-116cm 120-124cm
(B) WaistSize 68-72cm 76-80cm 84-88cm 92-96cm 100-104cm 108-112cm
(C) Hip Size 84-88cm 92-96cm 100-104cm 108-112cm 116-120cm 124-128cm
(A) Chest Size 31.5-33.0" 34.6-36.2" 37.8-39.4" 40.9-42.5" 44.1-45.7" 47.2-48.8"
(B) WaistSize 26.8-28.3" 29.9-31.5" 33.1-34.6" 36.2-37.8" 39.4-40.9" 42.5-44.1"
(C) Hip Size 33.1-34.6" 36.2-37.8" 39.4-40.9" 42.5-44.1" 45.7-47.2" 48.8-50.4"