Moving forward to meet the demands of our customers

When we started EZCooldown back in 2013, we used Techniche PCM inserts for our cooling vests.

After a couple of years, we felt that PCM inserts could be improved to serve the specific demands of our customer’s much better. That’s why we started searching for a better alternative.

Today we offer a range of PCM inserts, specially designed and manufactured for by Inuteq in The Netherlands. EZCooldown PCM inserts are made from revolutionary bio materials of vegetable origin and are USDA certified. They are thinner, lighter, non-toxic, low-flammable and durable. By using our revolutionary PCM allows us to offer PCM in many varities of configurations and temperatures to suit all situations.

All of our new inserts are backwards compatible with our Performers vests and fully compatible with Techniche cooling vests.