Phase change cooling vests

Our range of Phase Change Material products

Our Phase Change Material products use our revolutionary bio PCM to keep you cool.
They can be quickly activated in your refrigerator, freezer or in ice water. The inserts are fully reusable time and time again while still maintaining their target temperature over a long period of time.

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  1. Complete Performers Vest
    Complete Performers Vest
    €211.75 €175.00
  2. Complete Industrial vest
    Complete Industrial vest
    €223.85 €185.00
  3. Complete Hybrid Vest
    Complete Hybrid Vest
    €242.00 €200.00
  4. Spare Set of PCM Inserts
    Spare Set of PCM Inserts
    As low as €136.73 €113.00
  5. Replacement Performers Vest
    Replacement Performers Vest
    As low as €75.02 €62.00
  6. Replacement Industrial Vest
    Replacement Industrial Vest
    As low as €87.12 €72.00
  7. Replacement Hybrid Cooling vest
    Replacement Hybrid Cooling vest
    As low as €106.48 €88.00
  8. Single PCM Insert
    Single PCM Insert
    As low as €31.46 €26.00

9 Items

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Set Descending Direction
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