About us

Pepeyn Langedijk, creator of the EZCOOLDOWN vest:

‘Next to an enthusiastic cosplayer and fursuiter, I am a professional photographer and film maker. Combining these two activities, I found myself shooting films with cosplayers and fursuiters since 1999. One of the major problems I encountered was to keep actors cool and comfortable during the extensive shootings which quite often took place in the blistering sun or under hot studio lighting.

An item on CNN which showed US soldiers wearing PCM vests was a real eye opener for me. I did some research to see if these vests would be suitable for costume performers, but I quickly learnt they weren’t.
Most industrial and military vests are too bulky to wear under a costume. Other vests combine PCM with evaporation technology which makes them ideal for athletes, football players and Formula 1 drivers but not for costume performers as the vest is not exposed to airflow under a costume. So basically I got stuck with these amazing PCM inserts without a matching vest suitable for costume performers.

From my film making experience I’ve learned that when something you need does not exist, you build it yourself. So I started to design a decent, costume-friendly cooling vest.
I had some ideas about the qualifications and features it needed from my own experiences as a costume performer but I’m not a tailor. That is why I found a good sports clothing manufacturer and together we designed the EZCD vest. First I tested various versions of PCM applications and asked my cosplay friends to try them and give feedback. This lead to the first EZCD prototype vests which were introduced during Eurofurence 2013. Cosplayers who have tried it instantly loved it!

After a few modifications I introduced the 1st production version of the EZcooldown vest which instantly got a lot of positive feedback from costume performers across the globe.

Early 2016, my partner Tom Lord joined the company. He designs and maintains our webstores and manages logistics.

Together we’re now catering a broad market in personal cooling solutions: We offer a variety of cooling vests for virtually anyone who needs cooling in whatever situation: entertainment, medical, construction, industry, military, leisure and sports.
No matter what you do, we’ll keep you cool!'

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