Cool Collar

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Cool Collar

The EZCooldown Cool Collar is an affordable and effective PCM cooling aid for all situations. The EZCooldown Cool Collar is available in small and large as well as in two temperature ranges

The EZCooldown Cool Collar wraps around the neck to help cool the large arteries and veins which run close to the skin’s surface. This makes the neck one of the most effective places to cool your body.

The EZCooldown Cool Collar provides hours of comfortable cooling and helps to prevent heat stress thanks to the special PCM insert. The PCM insert is able to provide cooling relief for up to 2 hours even under strenuous activity.

To maintain the best possible cooling efficiency, the EZCooldown collar sleeve is made of a lightweight, yet durable mesh. The mesh sleeve allows maximum skin contact without adding extra bulk or thermo insulating layers. This makes the EZCooldown Cooling Collar suitable for wide range of activities from mascoting to use in industry and construction.

Each EZCooldown Collar comes with one insert containing a biological phase change materisal (PCM) which retains cold. The PCM insert can be quickly activated in your refrigerator or freezer or by putting it in ice water, and they can be reused over and over again. Once activated, the PCM maintains its temperature for a long period, providing comfortable cooling relief.


  • Small

    Will fit anyone with a neck circumference up to 17.7"

  • Large

    Will fit anyone with a neck circumference greater then 17.7"

S, L
Effective cooling time
Up to 2 hours
Weight of small EZCooldown Collar including PCM
0.55 lb
Weight of largeEZCooldown Collar including PCM
0.66 lb
Suitable for warm conditions up to 95°F
Suitable for hot conditions above 95°F
Can be worn under a thick layer of clothing
Functions without airflow
Suitable for high activity
Suitable for humid conditions
Requirements to activate
Refrigerator, freezer, or ice water

Our inserts use a revolutionary and unique bio-based phase change technology to keep you comfortably cool. Our PCM inserts can be worn directly on the skin without risking frostbite, tissue damage or discomfort.

How does our Phase Change Material work?

Our PCM inserts work as the ambient temperature rises, the PCM starts to melt. During the phase transition, the PCM stores energy as latent heat, maintaining a constant temperature until the PCM is completely melted. When the ambient temperature lowers, the PCM will begin to crystallise. As this crystallisation happens the PCM releases the stored latent heat, maintaining a constant temperature until all released

How to activate our PCM

The PCM inserts can be quickly activated in your refrigerator or freezer.
It’s best to not stack the inserts as it will extend their activation time.
The inserts can also be activated in ice water

Our revolutionary PCM is made from bio materials of vegetable origin and USDA certified. Our bio PCM is non-toxic, low-flammable, durable, reuseable, 20% lighter than water and does not produce condensation.

About our PCM temperature options

When you need maximum cooling for a short amount of time, choose the blue 15°C PCM packs.
When you prefer longevity over absolute cooling ability, go for the yellow 21°C PCM packs.
Next to these standard temperatures, we manufacture PCM inserts in other temperatures on request, ranging from 6.5°C to 29°C. Please contact us for details.

About our PCM configuration options

As well as different temperatures, we offer PCM packs in two different configurations:
The 6-cell packs are thin and flexible. They’ll fit under virtually any costume but offer less cooling longevity compared to the 4-cell packs.

The 4-cell inserts contain approximately 35% more PCM so they’ll keep you cool for longer.
They’re a bit thicker though, so they’re less suitable under skin tight costumes.

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