Dry Cooling Vest for Dogs

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Dry Cooling Vest for Dogs

Prevent your dog from developing heat stress!

During and after a walk on a hot day, in the car, or whenever cooling is required.
Keep your dog COOL by using this comfortable and easy to refill DRY Cooling Vest.
After activating the vest by filling it with fresh water, it will immediately start cooling up to 95°F below ambient air temperature for one to three days.
Thanks to the patented system, the vest will never become wet or damp during use.
The cooling effect is the result of evaporation and is largely dependent on humidity and airflow.

  • Comfortable Heat-Stress Management
  • Cools down up to 15°C below ambient air temperature
  • Immediate cooling up to three days, 100% DRY inside and out
  • Your dog’s fur will not get damp, so no smell!
  • The vest also protects your dog against direct sunlight
  • Unique and patented DRY evaporation cooling technology
  • Also provides cooling on your dog’s chest and stomach
  • Proven technology by sporters, military and professionals
  • No refrigeration, additional gels or chemicals are required
  • Treated against bacteria, fungi and other contaminants
  • Machine washable and easy to clean

While a cooling vest can help to keep your dog cool and comfortable, always avoid situations in which your dog can suffer from heat stress.
Don’t exercise your dog during hot days. Don’t leave your dog unattended in warm environments, especially in cars!

Product features
Will fit any dog with a chest circumference of 22-28 inch
Will fit any dog with a chest circumference of 26-44 inch

About Dry Evaporation Technology

The Inuteq DRY evaporative cooling vest can be filled with tap water (500ml maximum) and cooling will start immediately.
The cooling is based on the process of evaporation of the water in the vest.
This water is released through evaporation, which consumes energy, creating a cooling effect.

The Dry vest technology uses a special lining which keeps the wearer dry while still allowing the filled water to be evaporated

This makes this cooling vest perfect for use in and around the house or the office, or for medical uses.
Multiple Sclerosis patients in particular, as well as people who are affected by anhidrosis, could experience a huge benefit by using this cooling vest.

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