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Can EU businesses order without VAT?

Yes! With a valid EU VAT number, you can order VAT-free. Just let us know your VAT number, your company's name and address, and we'll set up your account accordingly. You can contact us here.

Are there any discounts available?

Absolutely! Order an extra set of PCM with any Complete PCM cooling vest for a 10% discount. Plus, get a 15% discount on your second Complete Performers vest. Discounts apply automatically at checkout.


When ordering from the European Union, prices are shown including Value-Added-Tax
(VAT) rate for your country. If needed, you can change your location in the
drop-down menu in the top right of the page. When you select a different
country as shipping destination at check-out, the VAT rate for that country will
be applied. Orders with a destination outside of the EU will not be taxed. Tax
and customs fees may be charged to the customer when receiving the order. Check
with your local tax authority for more information.

Tax, Customs & Duties

Orders are shipped from the Netherlands. Depending on your country of residence, you may be charged for tax and customs fees by your local tax authority.

Where do you ship to?

We ship to most countries worldwide. If your destination is not available at check-out, it means we simply can not ship due to local import regulations or other limitations.

Phase Change Material (PCM) cooling vests

Which PCM packs should I choose for my vest?

EZ Cooldown PCM cooling vests are distinct in offering a variety of PCM temperatures and pack configurations. This flexibility ensures you can always find the perfect setup for your needs. Here are some tips to help you make an informed choice:

Temperatures Offered:

  • 15°C/59°F: Provides intense cooling.
  • 21°C/70°F: Offers longer-lasting cooling, though less intense.

Choosing based on your needs:

  • For intense cooling with the option to frequently rotate packs, choose 15°C/59°F.
  • If you prefer not to switch packs often, opt for 21°C/70°F for extended cooling.

PCM Pack Configurations:

  • Thin 8-cell packs: These keep your vest slim and more concealable but offer a shorter cooling duration.
  • Thick 4-cell packs: These are bulkier but contain 30% more PCM, providing prolonged cooling.

Summary of Options:

  • Thin 8-cell 15°C/59°F packs: Intense cooling, more concealable vest, shorter cooling duration.
  • Thick 4-cell 15°C/59°F packs: Intense cooling, bulkier vest, moderate cooling duration.
  • Thin 8-cell 21°C/70°F packs: Moderate cooling, more concealable vest, moderate cooling duration.
  • Thick 4-cell 21°C/70°F packs: Moderate cooling, bulkier vest, extended cooling duration.

Select the configuration that aligns best with your requirements for cooling power and duration, as well as your preferences regarding the
visibility and comfort of the vest.

How long does a PCM cooling vest last. How many hours of cooling do I get out of it?

This is not an easy question to answer. It would be similar to: How far can I get on 1 gallon of fuel?  It depends on which kind of fuel, which kind of vehicle, your driving style, road condition and more.
Determining the exact duration of cooling from an activated set of PCM is challenging due to numerous influencing factors:

  • Ambient temperature and humidity.
  • How active you are.
  • Being exposed to direct sunlight or not.
  • Which kind of clothing you’re wearing under or on top of your cooling vest.
  • Your PCM’s temperature and cell configuration.

Based on our testing and customer surveys, we can say that our Performers vest cools effectively for up to 4 hours.

Although PCM packs can deplete after just an hour, many users, including fursuiters, report effective cooling for up to 4 hours.

PCM is keeping you cool as long as you can see bits of solid PCM crystals in the packs. Only when all PCM has turned liquid, the packs are depleted and need to be replaced or re-activated.

It is normal that the packs don’t feel cold anymore after 10 or 20 minutes. This is because your skin gets used to the PCM’s temperature and doesn’t register it as being ‘cold’ any longer. You can test this simply by removing the vest and touching your skin. It will feel quite cold as the surface of your skin is now about the same temperature as the PCM pack. As a result, the packs won’t feel cold, but the packs are still cooling your body.

Also keep in mind that using PCM packs directly from the refrigerator or freezer results in a much colder sensation, given their activation at temperatures of 5°C/41°F (refrigerator) or -18°C/0°F (freezer). The PCM packs will quickly warm to their phase change temperature, thereafter maintaining this temperature for several hours. Remember, PCM packs are engineered to cool at specified temperatures of 21°C/70°F or 15°C/59°F, rather than the colder temperatures of your refrigerator or freezer.

How do I get the most out of my PCM packs?

  • Opt for 21°C (70°F) PCM packs: These maintain a cool temperature longer than packs with lower temperatures.
  • Select thicker 4-cell packs: These contain 30% more PCM, enhancing their cooling capacity.
  • Ensure your PCM packs are fully activated: To check, press firmly on the activated packs (don't worry, they won't burst). If the PCM doesn’t deform, your packs are fully solidified and ready to use.
  • Store unused activated PCM packs properly: If you're not using your activated PCM packs immediately after removing them from the fridge or freezer, keep them wrapped in a towel or in a small cooler to maintain their temperature.
  • Wear a barrier between your skin and the PCM vest: Don’t wear the PCM vest directly on your skin. Instead, wear a Lycra or Spandex shirt underneath. We recommend Under Armour Heatgear for optimal comfort.
  • Pre-cool before wearing your PCM cooling vest: Extend the cooling effect by drinking a glass of cold water, taking a cold shower, or applying cold washcloths to your neck or wrists before putting on your vest.

Why are my PCM packs solid without being in a fridge or freezer?

When Phase Change Material (PCM) is exposed to a temperature below its phase change temperature, it solidifies. This behavior is typical and indicates that the PCM is
functioning correctly. A solid PCM pack signifies that it is activated and ready for use. If your PCM packs have solidified into an awkward or inconvenient shape, you can easily reshape them by placing them in warm
water until they return to a liquid state. Afterwards, lay the packs
flat in a refrigerator or freezer to re-activate them.

Why are there solid crystals in my liquid PCM?

This indicates that your PCM packs are nearing the end of their phase change from solid to liquid. The temperature will likely be slightly higher now than the target temperature of your PCM. When this occurs, it’s time to either reactivate your packs or replace them with freshly activated ones.

If you observe crystals in your packs after storage, this simply means they were stored at a temperature slightly above the target temperature of your PCM packs. This does not suggest any abnormality.

My PCM packs arrived in an awkward / inconvenient shape. How do I fix this?

During transport, PCM may solidify under cold conditions, which can
cause the packs to appear misshapen. To rectify this,
simply place your packs in warm water for a few minutes until the PCM returns to its liquid state. Afterwards, lay the packs flat and
reactivate them in a refrigerator or freezer.

Can I take PCM packs with me on an airplane?

You can safely take PCM packs on planes, but be sure to pack them in your checked luggage, not in your carry-on. To date, we haven't received reports of customers facing issues with airlines or border security.

We advise against traveling with PCM packs in your carry-on luggage. If you're traveling with only carry-on luggage, ensure your inserts are fully activated and keep them in a cooler bag or wrapped in a towel. The PCM inside the packs will stay solid for many hours. Since most airlines prohibit carrying liquids, do not bring deactivated PCM inserts in your carry-on.

Security officials may inquire about your PCM inserts; simply explain their purpose and use. If questioned, inform the officials that the inserts contain a mixture of solid vegetable oils and direct
them to our website for more information.

What is the best way to activate the PCM packs?

You can activate PCM packs by exposing them to any temperature below their phase change temperature:

For the blue packs this is 15°C (59°F). and for the yellow packs it’s 21°C (70°F)

Activation times vary by method—20 minutes in ice water, 40 in the freezer, or 60 in the refrigerator.

The 15°C (59°F) inserts take a bit longer to activate compared to the 21°C (70°F).

For quick activation, place the packs side by side in a fridge or freezer. When activating overnight, stacking the packs is more effective.

PCM packs activated in a freezer can remain cool and ready for up to 12 hours when stored in an insulated bag or cooler. To ensure efficiency, select the smallest cooler that can fit the necessary amount of packs.

How do I store PCM packs?

You can store your PCM packs at room temperature however, we recommend keeping the packs in your freezer or refrigerator so they’re always ready to use.

When placing packs in a freezer, make sure they are completely dry so they don't stick together when frozen.

Can a PCM pack burst?

That would be very unlikely. EZ Cooldown PCM packs are extremely robust and can stand immense pressure without bursting.

We have put our PCM packs through some very extreme tests. See the results for yourself!

The only way to destroy a pack is by puncturing it with a very sharp object.

If PCM gets in contact with your skin or clothing, simply wash your skin with a mild soap. EZCooldown bio-based PCM is made of vegetable oils and is non-toxic.

My PCM packs feel a bit greasy. What’s going on?

A light greasiness on the surface of the pack is normal, resulting from the so-called permeation of the PCM material, meaning the packs release a tiny amount of PCM. This is normal and not indicative of a leak or damage. To reduce permeation, PCM packs can be stored in a refrigerator or freezer.

What does PCM cooling feels like? Can it be too cold? Is it safe to use?

How our PCM products feel differs from person to person: For one 21°C/70°F feels pleasant, for another 15°C/59°F is not cold enough.
In general, these temperatures are safe to wear against the skin and most people don’t experience it as unpleasant or too cold.
If PCM does feel too cold; wearing a (Lycra) shirt under the vest will make the cooling effect less intense.

Do different PCM vests use different PCM cooling packs? Is everything compatible?

All our PCM vests can use any PCM pack configuration. Vests and packs are forwards and backwards compatible. You can even mix and match PCM pack configurations for each vest, should you wish. 

Should I buy a PCM cooling vest or just a PCM CoolCollar?

Our PCM Cooling Vests contain significantly more PCM compared to the PCM CoolCollar, giving the vest a greater capacity to keep you cool. That's why we recommend using the PCM vest primarily, with the CoolCollar as an additional cooling aid. While using only a CoolCollar will provide some cooling, it won’t be as effective as a vest.

How much does a PCM cooling vest weigh? Will it affect my range of movement?

Our cooling vests won’t limit your range of movement. In fact, our
Performers vests are used by professional dancers, actors, and stunt performers for this very reason. They do add some weight—1.5kg to 1.8kg (or 3.3lbs to 4.0lbs)— but in general, this extra weight has a minimal effect on movement.

What are the weights and dimensions of EZ Cooldown PCM packs?

The dimensions of our PCM packs are as follows:

8-cell pack:
12 x 140
x 300 mm or 0.47 x 5.51 x 11.81 inch / weight: 300 gr or 0.66 lbs

4-cell pack:
20 x 140
x 300 mm or 0.79 x 5.51 x 11.81 inch / weight: 400 gr or 0.88 lbs

Pack for a size S CoolCollar (5 cells):
12 x 70 x 415 mm or 0.47 x 5.51 x 16.34 inch / weight: 200 gr
or 0.44 lbs

Pack for a size L CoolCollar (6 cells):
12 x 70 x 500 mm or 0.47 x 5.51 x 19.70 inch / weight: 250 gr
or 0.55 lbs

How often can I re-activate PCM packs?

Our PCM was tested during 12,000 activation cycles without any measurable loss in performance.

EZcooldown PCM is bio-based and biologically degradable. Does that mean the PCM inserts will degrade after a while?

No. Our PCM is made with respect for the environment, meaning no petrochemical processes are involved in its production. It is based on
vegetable oils and has an expected lifespan of at least 10 years with average use. In theory, wear and tear or damage might be the only reasons to replace them. After disposal, the environmental impact of our
bio-based PCM is negligible.

How do I know what the PCM temperature of a particular pack is?

On PCM packs for CoolCollars, the temperature is marked on the pack alongside the production number. For cooling vests, the temperature of the packs can be identified by their color-coded Velcro tabs and PCM color as follows:

  • Yellow Velcro tab: 21°C/70°F
  • Blue Velcro tab: 15°C/57°F
  • Orange PCM: 6.5°C/44°F
  • Red PCM: 29°C/84°F

I lost or damaged one of my PCM packs. Do I need to buy a complete new set?

We sell individual inserts here so there is no need to buy a complete new set

Can I order a PCM cooling vest with different temperature PCM packs on my chest and back?

Yes, you can! First order your preferred vest without inserts here. Then choose your individual PCM inserts here.

You can mix and match temperatures and cell configuration as you like.

Can I order a PCM cooling vest with only two PCM packs?

Yes, you can! First order your preferred vest without packs here. Then choose your individual PCM packs here.

Do you offer PCM in other temperatures besides 15°C/59°F and 21°C/70°F? How do I order these?

By default, we offer the choice between 15°C (59°F) and 21°C (70°F) PCM packs with our cooling vests. However, in certain situations, other PCM temperatures might be preferred:

  • 6.5°C (43.7°F): These packs are used by medical professionals and elite athletes. They provide significant cooling but for a very short duration. We do not recommend using 6.5°C (43.7°F) PCM packs unless you are familiar with the physiological effects and risks associated with low-temperature body cooling.

  • 29°C (84.2°F): When longevity is a priority, these packs are ideal. At 29°C (84.2°F), they help you stay cool over the longest possible period. The temperature of these PCM packs is still considerably lower than your skin temperature.

How to order a cooling vest with 6.5°C (43.7°F) or 29°C (84.2°F) PCM packs? First, order your preferred style of PCM vest (without PCM packs) here. Next, select your PCM packs here.

Performers Vest

What makes the EZcooldown Performers vest so special for costume performers compared to industrial/military cooling vests?

We have taken special care to make sure the EZCD Performers vest is not bulky. It only uses segmented inserts, which allow maximum freedom of movement. The inserts are placed in a clever configuration that preserves your outfit’s natural anatomy.

Many ordinary cooling vests have an insulated outer shell to protect the inserts from external heat sources like the sun or hot industrial environments.

This extra insulation is of course not desirable when used under a costume.

EZCooldown Performers vests are made of breathable mesh, adding no thermo-insulating layer to your outfit and keeping you nice and cool.

Many other vests are difficult or impossible to adjust. Our performers vests come in three different sizes and have six cleverly placed Velcro straps, allowing a perfectly snug fit for any body type or build.

How does the sizing system of the EZ Cooldown Performers vest work?

The Performers vest's 'S-M-L' sizing system is designed to ensure that you always select the correct size. As we primarily ship internationally, exchanging vests for a different size could be inconvenient, costly, and time-consuming. Our innovative system has proven effective, with only a handful of the many thousands of Performers vests sold requiring exchanges.

The Performers vest features an S-M-L sizing system that does not correspond to standard T-shirt sizes. However, it accommodates a broad range, covering sizes from XXS to 5XL.

The vest features six long adjustable Velcro straps that enable a snug and comfortable fit. This means that as long as you fall roughly within the range of a particular size, the vest should fit you seamlessly. In many cases, the straps on the chest and belly areas may be too long. If necessary, you can easily trim them with a pair of scissors, leaving ample Velcro to adjust the straps tighter or looser as needed.

We recommend opting for a smaller size if you find yourself between sizes.

Will the vest’s shape be visible under a costume?

In most cases, no.
The pockets for the PCM packs in our vests are strategically placed to minimize visibility. The packs on the back conform to the natural curve of your lower back, making them virtually undetectable. The front packs are located at chest level. For
individuals with an average body shape, these inserts might give a
slightly more "buff" or "busty" appearance. A vest equipped with 8-cell PCM packs adds only about 5 cm (2 inches) to your chest circumference, which is generally unnoticeable for most people.

How do I wash the Performers vest vest?

Performers vests can be washed by hand or by machine. We recommend using the included laundry bag for machine washing.

  • When washing your vest, be sure the zipper is pulled up and fully closed.
  • Close all Velcro sraps.
  • Make sure to remove all inserts before washing.
  • Use a mild detergent. Do not use fabric softener.
  • Wash at 30 °C (86 °F).
  • Spin dry or drip dry. DO NOT tumble dry.

The Velcro straps on my Performers vest are too long. Does it mean my vest is too large?

You will probably need to shorten the Velcro straps of the vest before you can use the vest comfortably. We have deliberately made these straps longer than the average wearer will need, to accommodate people with a larger chest or waist circumference and/or a bigger build.

Follow these simple steps to adjust the length of the Velcro straps. IMPORTANT: You cannot return the vest once the straps have been shortened, so make sure that your vest is the right size before you trim any excess Velcro.

  • Put on the undergarment you normally wear under your costume. We recommend a comfortable cotton or Lycra shirt or Under Armour HeatGear.
  • Place the four ACTIVATED inserts into the vest's inside pockets.
  • Put on the vest and pull up the zipper. The vest is designed to fit snugly around your torso. To create a snug fit, adjust the four Velcro straps on the front of the vest and the two straps on the shoulders. Be sure that the inserts fit closely against your body.
  • If the four straps on your chest and stomach area are longer than required, first check to make sure that the left and right sides are pulled evenly and have the same amount of excess strap. This will make sure that the tension on the vest is distributed evenly across the left and right sides.
  • You can now cut off any excess length with sharp scissors. It’s best if you cut close to the zipper. The straps will still be long enough to allow the fit of the vest to be loosened if need be.

Download the Performers vest user manual for detailed instructions.

Other cooling vests

Which PCM Cooling vest should I choose?

To assist you in selecting the ideal PCM cooling vest, here is a brief overview of the four models offered by EZ Cooldown:

Performers PCM Cooling Vest:
This versatile PCM cooling vest is an excellent choice for a variety of situations. Initially designed for actors and costume performers, it has proven to be multifunctional.


  • Made of thin, breathable mesh.
  • Perfect fit regardless of a person’s shape or build.
  • Can be worn almost invisibly under an outfit.
  • Available in 3 highly adjustable sizes, covering XXS to 5XL.


  • Vest material does not protect the PCM packs.

BodyCool Pro PCM Cooling Vest:
This robust vest is tailored for industrial environments, offering extra protection and utility.


  • Thick cotton outer shell protects PCM packs against sharp objects like glass and metal splinters.
  • Equipped with two zippered pockets.
  • Available in 8 sizes and slightly adjustable with two straps.


  • Can appear bulky.
  • Protective outer shell adds an extra thermo-insulated layer, increasing warmth.

Entry CoolOver PCM Cooling Vest:
A simple and budget-friendly cooling vest option.


  • Most affordable PCM vest.
  • One size fits a wide range of people.


  • Activation in a freezer or fridge may take longer.
  • Not suitable for larger individuals.
  • PCM is vulnerable to sharp objects.

BodyCool Hybrid PCM Cooling Vest:
This innovative vest combines PCM with evaporative cooling, offering three modes of use: PCM, evaporation, or both.


  • Highly versatile.
  • Provides very effective, long-lasting, and intense cooling under favorable conditions.
  • Available in black and white; the white version helps reflect sunlight.


  • Evaporative cooling is ineffective in high humidity.
  • Vest feels damp when using evaporative cooling.
  • Non-adjustable.

Why are the evaporation vests not suitable for costume performers?

Our evaporation vests are designed for general use and require airflow
to function efficiently. As airflow is generally restricted under
costumes, these vests are not effective in such conditions and may actually make the wearer feel warm and clammy. For optimal performance, evaporation vests should be worn with minimal covering clothing.

How to wash a cooling vest?

All of our vests can be washed by hand or by machine. We recommend washing the vest separately, as the Velcro straps might catch lint, dust, or fibers from other items of laundry.

  • When washing your vest, be sure the zipper is pulled up and fully closed.
  • Make sure to remove all inserts before washing.
  • Use a mild detergent and DO NOT use fabric softener. Do not wash at temperatures above 30 °C (86 °F).
  • Spin dry or drip dry. DO NOT tumble dry.