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No matter what you do, we keep you cool!

Explore our premium cooling vests, engineered to keep you comfortable in hot conditions. Whether you're outdoors, playing sports, or managing heat-sensitive conditions, EZ Cooldown has you covered. Enjoy fast, worldwide shipping, ensuring you receive your cooling vest promptly wherever you are. Shop now and experience the ease of staying cool with EZ Cooldown!

Mascot & Costume Performers

Mascot performing just got cooler!

Our PCM Performers Cooling Vest is specifically designed by costume performers, for costume performers! Utilizing revolutionary Phase Change Material packs and a unique mesh vest, our cooling vests and other products ensure you stay cool and comfortable without adding any extra thermal layers.

The original EZCooldown Performers vest was introduced back in 2013. Today we are cooling some of the most famous mascots and costume performers all over the globe.

Construction & Industrial

Protect yourself and your workforce against heat stress and fatigue!

We offer dedicated cooling vests for construction workers, roofers, welders, cargo handlers and other professionals working in hot industrial environments.
Our PCM and evaporation cooling vests help to protect yourself and your workforce against heat stress and fatigue.
For outdoor workers we recommend H20 or PVA Evaporation cooling vests.
For use under protective clothing, indoor or when working under very warm or humid circumstances, we recommend a PCM cooling vest.


Stay cool while on the road!

Our range of cooling vests for motorcycle riding uses innovative evaporative and PCM cooling technologies.
By utilizing the airflow under motorcycle protective gear, our evaporation vests will keep you cool and comfortable for many hours.
For maximum cooling under the most extreme conditions, our Hybrid PCM Cooling vest combines evaporative and PCM cooling in one single vest.

Racing drivers or drivers who need cooling under Nomex protective clothing should look at our Complete Performers PCM vest.